Here at NSC our quality control plan provides the means to prevent, detect, correct, and report deficiencies impacting our processes.

We achieve this through the use of our Web-based Quality Assurance Software – CleanTelligent

CleanTelligent allows building service contractors to manage performance and ensure attention in real time to their clients through quality control software.

CleanTelligent makes it much easier to maintain clear expectations and goals on all sides. Our employees always know when something needs to be done and work orders do not fall through the cracks. CleanTelligent has consolidated management into one neat package with everything you need in one place.

Mobile Data Entry Capability

Some of the key features of our program:

  • Online Inspections
  • Works On Multiple PDAs/Phones
  • Detailed inspections By Dept/Area
  • Customized Rating Indicators
  • Picture Attachments
  • Customized Weighting Of Services
  • Store Manager Sign-Offs
  • Work Order Scheduling/Mgmt


QR QUICK REQUEST Quick Response System (Quick Request)

Quick Request is a complete quality assurance and quality control system that was developed and customized specifically for janitorial services by “Executives of our Team”.

Quick Request uses QR codes unique for each location to manage inspections, job tickets, surveys and janitorial staff tracking. The following is a short description of how the Employee/Janitorial Tracking functions with Quick Request. It uses mobile applications that allow custodial staff to record all key activities including the timing, location, and frequency of services rendered. It also allows customers to use their Smartphone to report problems, request services, and record feedback. This real-time customer feedback is provided within five (5) seconds and routed to the appropriate staff and management. The high-level process map is shown below:

There are three primary benefits for this system:
  • Deficiency Identification: Inspections and other quality assurance activities are conducted by management and customers
  • Workforce Oversight: Employee movement and timing are tracked in a web-based environment
  • Inventory Tracking: The management of inventory through enhanced workforce utilization monitoring


The use of biometric time and attendance systems contributes to significant efficiencies in the employee timekeeping process. At NSC we use MITC which uses cloud-based biometric technology to track employee shift labor hours. This system uses a fingerprint as well as four-digit PIN process to control time tracking and has resulted in the following benefits:

  • Reduced “buddy clocking” and associated time and attendance costs
  • Enhanced schedule creation and updates
  • Robust real-time reporting of attendance data
  • Direct links to payroll processes
  • Enhanced security and employee tracking
  • Full-maintenance support by the vendor in the event of malfunctions or inoperability


I have consistently been impressed by the support and service provided by NSC and its’ team of custodial and facilities maintenance personnel. In an era where customer service has all but disappeared, the work that NSC and its’ employees do should be held up as an example for others to attempt to emulate.

Terry B.

Curtis Properties

The NSC staff from top to bottom is enjoyable, the employees are professional and are always responsive to our needs.

Usha J.

Howard Road Academy

NSC is an excellent service provider their customer service is as exceptional as their quality of work.

DC Public Libraries