NSC provides full facilities management services to ensure exceptional quality cost-effective solutions for the commercial and government markets. We offer a full range of professional management by experienced in-house facility managers, project managers, technical leads, corporate support and administrative staff.

Our staff represents the best the industry has to offer. Our Executives and managers are seasoned professionals with years of experience in overseeing government, military, commercial and institutional operations. Our managers are industry leaders, who are committed to understanding client needs and providing superior customer care on every project.

Whatever the assignment, we apply “best practices” to improve productivity, safety, and quality while reducing costs to our customers. For example, we develop teams of multi-skilled technicians, who are unrestrained by traditional, narrow craft classifications. The result is a streamlined, highly productive workforce capable of self-performing, rather than subcontracting, the overwhelming majority of work assignments

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  • Facility Management
  • Facility Management
  • Facility Management

Facility Management Services

    • Janitorial
    • Landscaping
    • Snow Removal
    • Locksmith
    • Pest Control
    • Building and Equipment Maintenance
    • Quality Assurance
    • Materials Management
    • Construction & Construction Management
    • Field Support Services
    • Maintenance & Repair
    • Security Services
    • Parking Services
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